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Someday she will know the feeling of cutting through the wind

The Majestic Gazelle
29 January
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I'm Elie, but I go by more names than I can seem to keep up with so call me whatever you like. I'm 17, a rising senior in High school and I plan to study Costume Design and Theatre Tech when I attend college in 2010. My dream is to be a famous costume designer for horror movies, and I'd also like to one day (before I get old!) compete in the World Cosplay Summit! That's a long ways off though, until then I'll just keep practicing!

I'm really super shy so feel free to add me if we've met before but I tend to not start conversations/IM or message people very often ////. It's not because I don't like you I'm just a pansy!

♥'s : Cats, my friends, cute clothes, spontaneous adventures, weekends, cosplay, collecting Converse, sweets and music!
×'s : Aiden's bird, scary things, bugs, spicy or bitter food, being bored, studying.

AIM: catwithoutagun (how original)
Twitter: starsmeet
Flickr: starsmeet
Skype: interstellarflight
DA: Ve1vet
Cos.com: catwithoutagun