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25th-Dec-2031 09:51 pm - Semi-Friends Only
Semi-Friends Only!
Basically personal stuff is Friends Only. I only add people I've met, so if we've met at a con/through friends please comment and let me know!
Have a fabulous day! 
Ke$ha ☆ ANIMAL
8th-Feb-2030 12:57 am(no subject)

My 101 in 1001 List!!Collapse )My 101 in 1001 List!!Collapse )

FInishing later since I'm sleepy and need to think of another 50 things to do in the next 2.5 years.
Yoko - Smiles!
12th-Aug-2019 12:18 am - Zero degrees
2010Collapse )

I'm sure more stuff will makes its way to this list but with college coming up I really just wanted a few big projects to work on.
Jessica - Booooo
24th-Sep-2011 12:02 am - OH lyfe
I wish everyday was as packed and exciting as today.

After playing HvZ/SCAD Nerf until 1am last night, as we do every week I:
1. Drag self out of bed at 9:30, go to Open Model Session to draw naked people.
2. Noon, I zoom back to the dorm, shower, throw on swimsuit and go to the pool to help out my RA friends at their event. Cure water polo with really cute RAs, MY WEAKNESS.
3. Run back to my dorm immediately after to catch up with my roommate and hit Joanns for fabric, for class and her Inuyasha cosplay that I am somehow roped into helping with.
4. FLY BACK TO DORMS. Dropped off, hop on scooter and apparate myself to the Cosplay Club meeting.
5. Acquire hotel room for AWA, fuckyeah
6. It is 8pm by this time, scoot back to dorm to take a nap. Completely forget about the giant-ass party my courtyard in having. Nap is not acquired because of loud music. Free burgers though.
7. Party ends at 10, go to take a nap --> parents call me on Skype :')
8. Finally get a moment to take a nap. It's midnight and I'm writing a Livejournal post instead.

Lol oops.


This quarter I'm taking Textiles, Western Art 2 and Life Drawing 1.

In other news. Freshmen are driving us all bonkers, I have torn my groin muscle and done something horrendous to my right shoulder. I am essentially useless on one entire side.
Riseeee me trollin'
14th-Feb-2011 06:02 pm - Happy Valentine's Day!

I hope everyone has a Happy Valentine's Day, and even if you're against it then I hope you're at least looking forward to all the candy that'll be 70% off tomorrow :)

Lyfe.Collapse )
Ke$ha ☆ ANIMAL
28th-Nov-2010 11:11 am - Sales Post!
Beware of big pictures! I also do drop off for local peeps, and anyone in the area is welcome to come over and try them on first :o
Sellin some wigsCollapse )
old spice;; I'm on a horse motherfuckerr
18th-Oct-2010 10:19 pm - Savannah is HAUNTED AS SHIT.
For being in the LEAST HAUNTED dorm here we sure have had some freaky stuff happen. Our ghost is kinda moe to be honest, of all the ghosts we could have I think she's pretty chill (I think it's a girl).

About 2 weeks or so ago I came back and Jenn was ~mysteriously gone~ even though she said she'd be in all night. She didn't get back until around 2am or so which was a little weird. The next morning she told me that while I was gone she'd just been watching TV and playing her DS when our neighbor knocked on the door and she set everything down on the bed to answer it. A minute later she comes back and her DS is gone, after searching everywhere she suddenly finds it up on the top bunk of my bed which is unoccupied and almost too high for her to reach. She grabs her necessities (DS and SCAD id) and bolts to a friend's dorm across the bridge.

We kind of just joked about it, never really gave it much thought after a few days of not really anything out of the ordinary. We nicknamed it Sarah, after our third roommate who hasn't shown up yet.

Last friday we went to an overnight lock-in where we left at 10 pm and got back to our room at 7am, even though I was falling over tired I fold and hang up my clothes every night (after the bed-bug thing). I specifically remember hanging up a gray sweatshirts before falling into bed before heading out with friend around 5pm. We got back at 3-4am and nothing was really out of place, but about halfway through washing my face Jenn turns to me and says "Isn't this your hoodie?" She held up my gray sweatshirt, which I absolutely know I put in my closet, it had been laying across her bed like someone had just casually tossed it there.

We were a little weirded out but it's not really as scary as I thought it would be, our ghost seems pretty chill.
YamaRyohei- DERP
8th-Oct-2010 10:39 pm(no subject)
catwithoutagun ---> starscribbles
Catwithoutagun was a handle I picked up from a friend when I first started cosplaying/livejournal about 2 years ago. It seemed clever and different at the time but it never really stuck and I feel like it never really represented me. I guess starscribbles doesn't really either but until elie  is purged I guess I'll just live with not having a cool online handle.

Things are rather up and down around here, this weekend has made everything very up but there's a big down on the horizon. School is good, struggling with a major but at the moment still settled on Sequential with Storyboarding.
Ke$ha ☆ ANIMAL
17th-Sep-2010 12:41 pm - Cyperous Order
If anyone's going to be doing a Cyperous order or has a friend doing one, etc. then hit me up. Don't really need anything within the next few months but just keep me in mind please!

Hello I'm at college now and I don't think I'll be able to complete that meme. SCAD is turning out to be totally awesome and I've made tons of friends. There's a TON of bros and lots of cute girls here uhuhu. My art supplies costs a fortune so it's a good thing I saved up so much money from my jobs this year. I think I've spent close to $150 and I really only got the absolute necessities for class, at the absolute cheapest stores. My books are also out of pocket but I got them all on half.com for less than $15 each.

I miss cosplay a lot now that I feel so detached from cons and etc. I haven't really been on the scene since February/March and anxious for winter break so I can get to work/finish some things. I didn't really miss the stress and "holy shit I've done this 5 times and it still doesn't work??" but I'm excited for Katsucon and to see friends again. NYAF still looks just out of reach, All That Skate even more so but I'll save my money for some other trip. A girl down the hall I've made good friends with wants to go to Disney maybe later this year so that's a possibility!
Mimi ;; a challenge
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